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Bank Of Columbia President/CEO Mark Dykes

Bank of Columbia Board of Directors Names Mark Dykes to New Role as President and Chief Executive Officer

Bank of Columbia President Mark Dykes been named Chief Executive Officer by the bank’s board of directors, Vice-Chairman F. P. Farmer announced July 19, 2019. “We are fortunate to have someone of Mark’s caliber to accept the responsibilities of CEO of the Bank of Columbia,” said Farmer. “His leadership is an asset to the bank as we continue to serve the community with technological advances and exemplary customer service.” Dykes recently celebrated his second year in the role as president but has 30 years in the banking industry, with 17 years at the Bank of Columbia. He is a strong customer advocate and has a passion for growing the community the served by the Bank of Columbia. With experience and education in agriculture, Dykes has spent his career helping local farm families and business owners thrive. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky in 1990. “I am honored and excited to continue leading Bank of Columbia,” Dykes said. “I believe community matters – and local banking is vital to the growth and success of Adair County.” Speaking on behalf of the board Farmer said, “We very much appreciate the extensive banking experience and community relationships Mark has brought to the Bank of Columbia since his appointment two years ago. The board has every confidence in Mark’s leadership skills to serve as Bank of Columbia’s President and CEO. We are excited about the future of our Bank.”
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