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I want to open an account at Bank of Columbia. Can I do it online? What documents will I need?

We’re excited to have you join our Bank of Columbia family! It’s easy to open an account with us. Here are a few options and you can choose whichever suits your needs:

  • Come visit us at one of our locations. Just bring your driver’s license or other photo ID showing your name and current address and your social security number. (If your ID does not have your current address, bring a bill or paystub showing your current address.) If you are opening an account for a minor, you’ll need to bring the social security card with you. If you want to make your visit shorter, call us first and we’ll gather the information we need, set up an appointment and have all of the paperwork ready when you come in! Simple and easy!
  • Click here for our preliminary contact form. Fill out the form and submit it online.
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