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The Benefits of Online Banking at Bank of Columbia

Bank of Columbia customers enjoy instant access from their computer or mobile device to a full range of secure services, allowing you to:

  • Check balances on accounts and view records of your transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Download or print statements for your tax or personal records
  • Access your account 24/7

View Your Transactions

Online banking allows you to access your account from anywhere, anytime. View your transaction history, balance, pending deposits and withdrawals all from the convenience of your home, office or vacation!

This is a convenient way to check the status of a transaction or to record a transaction in your ledger if you’ve misplaced your receipt. Access to your account online also helps you discover unauthorized transactions more quickly, helping you resolve any issues right away.

If you spot something you did not authorize, you can contact your bank and the vendor in order to reverse the charges. The sooner you catch a problem like this, the more quickly you can resolve it.

Transfer Money Between Accounts

Online banking also allows you to transfer money between accounts quickly and ​track your available funds before spending money. It is more convenient and faster than a trip to the bank.

When you apply or set up your online banking, be sure that all of the accounts you have at the bank are listed. This will make it easier to transfer money and make loan payments online.

After each deposit, for example, you can go online and transfer money to different savings accounts, such as an emergency fund or a down payment for a new home.


The Bank of Columbia’s online accounts function in a secure network and offer privacy to customers, by using state-of-the-art encryption and security technologies.

Consumer Loan Applications

Now Bank of Columbia customers can start the loan application process from the privacy of their homes using the Consumer Loan Application available on the bank website.

Save time by filling out preliminary documents and a loan officer will reach out to you to confirm and complete your application.

Mobile Banking

The Bank of Columbia mobile App allows you to take advantage of online banking right in the palm of your hand! This makes online banking even more convenient and allows you to quickly check up on your account when you are out shopping, transfer funds over if you’re short, or check to see if a merchant has double-charged you.

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